Here , Comes the Bri...Barf

Wedding are a joyous union of love between two people. And my man candy seems to already have ours in mind. Now giving him the benefit of the doubt he might just be a very affectionate and loving person. I have already explained to him once that our PDA's should be kept to a minimum in front of my friends. Its not that my friends think we shouldn't be together or don't like my mister man but I know it makes them uncomfortable when we get too touchy. Now this hadn't been a problem until about two days ago.

Now my friend SS loves dares and taking stupid risks and some how she ALWAYS ends up making me do stupid things. And she made me do one when she wrote this stupid gushy puppy love barf inducing text message to man candy on my phone. And she dared me to send it. So a solid ten minutes of her bugging me+ plus too much sugar + the late hour= one sent message. Now i had no idea what man candy was going to reply. So after a few minutes the phone wriggled with news of a new message. His reply: "Oh that's so cute...I miss you too." (Not a direct quote but something to the extent of that). DOUBLE MERDE. So now Mr. Boy Toy is being extra lovey dovey and I'm sure any minute one of my friends is going to barf in my face. The hugs, the waist grabs, even the ever too often used line of "I already miss you.", but the nusling. Now this is when exhibit A ( Man candy) rubs head and fore head area against the female's head/ forehead area in affection. GAG! IN FRONT OF ALL MY FRIENDS! They then proceeded to not look me in the eyes and then there was the creation of an awkward silence. This is a problem. What is the bloody frigging answer to this over cutesy dilemma. I think a definite call to my lovely friend Sio is needed. Immediately but it will have to wait until after Les Drums avec my Buddhist hippie Ugg wearing drum teacher.

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