hmmm now please lay back and tell me how you feel.

Well I feel uncomfortable with this situation. For one I acted slightly more slutty then I ever thought I would, which makes me feel like I can be manipulated. At the same time I'm glad I flirted like there was no tomorrow because I never let go and just be a stupid teenager.

And now why don't you ever let go?

I never let go because I always think ahead to the consequences of my actions and this time I didn't.

And why in this instance did you let go?

Because for once I didn't want to be someone's second choice and I think i may have overdone it but the more i think about it I realize i did because i would like to be with this guy.

And why don't you?

I don't know if I trust him, he has a girlfriend, and he acted like that with with two nights ago, what's to say he won't just do to me what he is doing to her.

oh well I think I'm going to add him on facebook, and see what happeneds.

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