five TIMES 10 x 0

Five times, isn't a lot really. But if we had just one time that made it to a number 4 (or 5 for that matter although 6 would be crazy and very unprobable). That would probably make my world. But saying would make my world is a total hyperbole, because in reality I think this means much more to you then to me. And I hope that is not the reason that this won't go far. Because we're good and we nothing holding us back, well you have something apparently. I think you need to cross a few more finish lines and not worry about stepping over my line. Because really you are about 10 km away. And have crossed about 0 lines and 5 times ten times 0, still equals 0 in any language.
So what ever tomorrow brings, i hope it brings more then what it probably will.
(And I think I'm starting to sound like a Billy poem, that has been translated and modernized a few too many times)

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