Still NOT stuck in the middle with you

Okay five is in the middle of ten.
Three is not.
And we are stuck at three
(ha ha that rhymed or at least the last line does).

So yeah we had a good hour to ourselves, and neither of us took the chance. Maybe it the ever possible arrival of one of my fam jam or maybe the fact you were nervous as hell to meet my ever vibrant and loud aunt with the colourful language. What ever it was all i got was a three when in reality i kinda wanted a four or five. Although that three was right in front of my mother, which is pretty courageous even if you did it then kind a booked it from the VW. We also went for a walk all by our lonesome selves. And sure we were surrounded by a bunch of onlooking strangers, half of which were checking me out. And those stupid clouds of bugs kept getting in our faces. Yet come on we didn't even touch skin until more then halfway through the walk. Well i guess i should complain we have done WAY more the ND and S/EB whom have been a pair for almost three X as long as we have. And hey our time will come we are both still newbies to this whole adventure anyway and you show no signs of giving this up.

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