Puppy love 101 and nerd wads.

I have it, that's right I have it,

I have a case of spring fever and a diagnosis of puppy love 101.

Although Dr. House is none to sure about some points in our relationship that could cut us from the rest of victims of this fever. Uno, we do not have pet names (Thank God). Deux, the lip action has a been on a definite minimum, and only happens when we say our Au Revoirs. The finale, we have yet to make other people have symptoms of pointing at their very open mouths and making noises of regurgitation. This sets us from the pack or does the set us behind the pack? I want to think not and i am sure i am just being paranoid. But fuck friken doogle, I have had more make out dreams and day dreams with my infected then you would think possible. So this break in the week shall be ours, even if we fail in macking or find we are natural born talent and do it non stop. (I'm rooting for number 2)

Nerd Wad: Someone of high intelligence whom deserves to be president of the robotics club, whom is in very possible IB class and whom can spit out random information at the slightest indication.

So today average on the biologers test, 85 %ish maybe 87%. My mark, 98.8%. Okay now usually that doesn't bug me, but when i am like the only one that got over 95 i kinda does. Like any IB class everyone asks each other what each others marks are. And my mark spread through the class like bad gossip. And the observed reaction: Are you friken serious? Gah Bailey, your SOOO Smart! GAH sigh Gah sigh gah sigh.

Extreme Nerd Wad: the girl whom types this blog about her life as a adolescent, a teen, a youngin, a non-Bit, one miss Jamais faux.

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