Houston we don't know if we have a problem.

So I know he wants more and i know i want more, but the problem is he is falling faster then i am. His velocity i believe exceeds mine by 150%. Which isn't really a good thing. I know this because he said i miss you, ...twice. Only less then i day after i had seen him and then again about a day and a half after. Now with this accerleration plus the speed of the rate of his affection plus the huge variable of his inexperience. I think he is going to say those three words, way too early. Now this could be a problem it could not. It seems his affection grows by seperation while mine seems to want to take this slow. Another thing if this were to end tomorrow i wouldn't even cry probably, he might. The only thing i know to do now is to wait, leave my thoughts aside. Let what come, come. Que sera, sera.
And for all my logic, it seems the best option, also to full on kiss him pretty soon. Because my God i want it to happen and he was hinting at me to do it during the movie, ....but all my freinds were there. I couldn't do it. What if i messed it up? Plus i just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Now i am not one of those people that thinks you can't show affection, but if that affection causes discomfort then can you really call it affection. All we need is some time, one on one. Then! Then! Then it will be the perfect time. Now Sio in her head right now if she was reading this would be "Oh my silly blogging friend just do it already!"
But its not up to Sio whom seems to move too fast in her relationships. I like turtle speed thank you very much.

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  1. HAHAHAHHAAH I am so glad you wrote a blog with me in it and it made me laugh because that is EXACTLY what I would say :)