Sticky Eyes and Memories

Memory is directly related to smell. So in a genius conclusion by my over active brain, I need to make a smell for all those things I forget easily. For homework vanilla, for lunch apples, for my phone Hawaiian ginger, and for my music maker citrus. Now these smells I will strategically place around the area of my house, so I never forget them. Now why might you ask am I doing all this. Simply because this week was hell on earth for remembering things two days my lunch, one day my homework, my running shoes another and my phone the day before that. So either I need to associate everything I own with a smell or create a checklist of some sort.

Now to the sticky eyes. You see ND is frustrated about her man candy S/EB. S/EB is being a totally pansy and this makes ND angry that she is having to make all the moves. So I attempted to teach her the art of Sticky Eyes. Now this is difficult and I haven't even mastered it. It's a combination of looking at a boys mouth to eyes to mouth to eyes while not over smiling and looking up through your lashes for maximum effect. This in turn makes boy lean in for an embrace of the lips (or at least we hope it does that, has yet to be tested). Now ND ended up not being able to do it or has chosen a totally wet willied pansy of a man candy whom can't pucker up, but she did give him a light peck on the cheek. So now S/EB is in a different country soaking up the sun and somehow being the only adolecent boy whos cowardice overthrows his horneyness. This leads me to my own knight in shining armour. I think maybe he was trying like movie scene kiss me today and I kinda missed and it was weird. And we have yet to like kiss Kiss. This weekend I am busy but either next week or end we are going to have are movie moment kiss (and so is ND and S/EB(Hopefully)).

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