Oh No Wear did That time go.

Breakups can be messy, mean, horrid, awkward..and etc.. But the first one I have had to experience was today, and I had to be the rejecter. Now why don't they ever write songs about the person that has to break the heart not be heartbroken? I mean do you know how difficult it is to tell someone it is over? That you just don't love them anymore? That it just isn't working?

That was my first "Breakup". But it is high school, not really any new news, adolescents hook up and break constantly. How else would there be so much drama? But the reality is if the relationship not on the cause of infidelity, feelings for another, or some other bomb that just explodes it a part. What if the two people should have matched up pretty good, what if they had an amazing chance and what if they were each others firsts but so not the right first?
Now I cared for him greatly, but as it got further on I realised he was not more then a friend. And maybe I had never liked him. But I don't like to think that because that just makes me feel more guilty. And I hope deep down that we can still be friends one day and that he realizes it wasn't his fault at all. But it is hard to be sad when for the first time in weeks there is sun out, summer is days away, my schedule from hell is finally sorted and relief from knowing i did the right thing is etched in my bones. All I know is that someday I might have to break someones heart again and someday someone will have to break mine. The world survives because in the words of a very real song of reality,
"Take the pain out of
living, and love won't exist."

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