L'ete d'amour

The world if full of people falling in and out of love, work, friendships, schools, and life. This summer i hope will be one to remember with new friendships and as lame as this sounds summer love. It may and it may not happen all i can do is live this summer to the best of the offered sunshine and opportunities to make friends. But in more exciting news me and S G are hanging out today and actually studying! Who knew us procrastinators were able to study even if it is the day before the test. TeHe. I also have a fabulously uber nifty and trendy new haircut. My bangs are now strait bangs and love them a late. But really other then these silly unimportant trivial things my life is kinda boring at the moment. So here I am world I am ready for an awesome summer and an awesome new band of comrades.

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