After all is Said and done, Teenage angst still runs our lives.

Teenage angst: Me and a friend (whom was creator of part of my own angst) discuss this topic in overly complainer adolescent way, yet we uncovered an unknown truth about it. The very essence of Teenage angst is the attempt to not have it exist in our lives. Every teen dreams to not be like the rest (in a good way), to not live our lives in teenage stereotypes. But the thing is when trying to express ourselves in a way that doesn't sound "Lamely Angst", it is right on the money of teenage angst.

The moral of this, or better say I the point, is that the only way to express ourselves in a form that feels true and not like any other teen rant is really just not care in the least of what we are saying means to other people. Yet the avoidance of this reality that others opinions will arise also causes "Angst".

All in all we had a mentally very deep breakthrough. And after wards, we played one on one soccer and I flirted something terrible.

Oh mister C, soccer obsessed, hot, so sweet, nice, good flirter, tall, and makes me laugh. I really should have fallen for you, and I almost did. Oh well I told SG she could have you, she can be a blunt cow but your too tempting an offer to refuse.

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