The Grey Zone...

So three boys, yes you got that right, three! The number of the trinity the supposed lucky number as said by the Chinese and the number boys I wish would phone me right now asking shyly if I wanted to go to a movie or something.
The slight turmoil with this is that number 1 is R and I have kissed but I told maybe we should wait on being together and hasn't exactly told me if even wants me.
Number 2 is super cool and making me question number 1 every day. And is actually in close proximity to me.
Number 3 has a girlfriend.
So I sent R a letter telling him to get me out of this horrid limbo. Where I don't know if I should wait for him or let him go for number 2 or what! BECAUSE HE IS ON A FRIGGING CRUISE AND I CAN'T TALK TO HIM! So I am stuck in this stupidly stupid grey area and I just want some sort of idea of how in the bloody hell I should be thinking and all this is putting me in a frustrating situation!
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*Thank- you for listening but we are having some technical difficulties as the author has had a brain aneurysm due to teenage adolescent angst stress.*

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