Cheese and coffee.

i love cheesy movies. i ponder and hold dear to that movie moment where the lighting is made to make everything look sparkly and the world has been saved turned right side up or the mistake fixed and the boy says something that makes they girl smile then leans over and kisses her like he'll never get the chance again.

As much as i want that, what i really want is just some plain old real life excitement.

Where maybe that day i have the biggest zit in the world I'm completely embarrassed, and that boy whom ever he is, with his own zits but with a charm that makes my friends secretly jealous still makes an valiant effort to "Woe" me or in other words mumbles something about pizza and a movie at his house. Then about a week later after an awkwardly wonderful first date kiss. He actually kisses me, like kisses me. And then i melt.

That's all i want. No confetti no special lighting no smoke machine and orchestra entrance just a simple kiss.

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