over under after All

now.......Now....wait for it...wait for it....NOW.

Sometimes I wish for something to happen to me that is just all mine to hold on to. No one else can see so they can't judge no one else would know so they can't comment. There are places I want to go and things I want to be but I haven't quite figured out why I don't let it happen. But they problem is I'm letting myself float and not taking a hold of everything floating around me.
There are three things I want to do. :
  1. I want to have a thing. Be the girl that writes stories, the girl that plays music just something
  2. I want to start a company but I don't know how nor to I have the resources
  3. Finally I want to tell S she is a complete bitch to me 24/7 all because she can't get over herself and realise I'm not better then her nor do I think I'm better. Because it is so irking.
I also what now to be the start of everthing. So come on world be my muse, make the world around me my inspiration because I want it to happen.

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