Cold Feet

There is always that chance that this will happen; that suddenly he seems so much more important that he ever was before. When you see him you get butterflies, you embarrass yourself by trying not to embarrass yourself, and hope with every fiber of your body that he has the same stupid feeling in the pit of his stomach.
This is the hardest part that feeling. It's like cold feet. They just creep up on you and you can't find anyway to get rid of them until someone comes and gets close again. Then they fade to warmth.

Its that feeling that he truly only thinks of you as nothing more.
More, always wanting more.

All I can hope is that he has cold feet too, that he is just as nervous and cautious as I am, that he is just as scared to mess this up he doesn't want to try to warm up.

He may still be in the land of the broken hearted. For he had his heart ripped out by a girl and its always hard to trust the next one that comes along as much as she is not like the first.

Hoping and waiting with cold feet isn't the most comfortable position.

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