Damn hope again.

Hope is the true killer right now. I really thought this might work out for me. I truly did. Only one problem Sluts United of the World inc. planned their next attack on the urges of boys whom boobs is their second favorite word. You know what that means I'm going to get picked over the girl that not only kisses on the first date...
Worst part is this girl (we will call her jk for her consideration) has
A. seduced,
B. teased and then
C. threw away
at least three very nice guys I know none of whom deserved it in anyway. And now she is going to try with MG, whom has been my new hope for these past few days with the exchange of text messages and a few dances here and there.
Now what can I do? He has a planned date (while almost date) with her tomorrow at the same party that moi et mes amies are going to. Should I prewarn him about the statistics on the back of this skank veterans playing card? Or just let it be? I don't want to do something and have him think me jealous and petty or not do something and see him get hurt. So what to do, what to do? I know its none of my business but I want to do something. There is also one more problem. Jk is not just a skank she is actually a nice person but I know she is not like that with guys. What she does with them is terrible but if you ever talk to her she is not that bad of a person at all.
Let's just be idealistic and say that MG will realise the error of his ways, See me and fall in love and then tell jk he just wants to be friends and then the world would be a great and wonderful place.
Day dream begin now.....

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