The time spent waiting.

wishing wondering and hoping always come from waiting.

to wait is the act of attempting to not be impatient. From that letter that's suppose to be coming in the mail to that text message from the one you wish was yours to getting an H1N1 shot. You wish they could all be a little bit faster to stop the constant imaginings of your over productive brain.

For me I usually can handle waiting. Except when it seems to come to people.

I hate waiting that involves wating for knowledge. Just simply not knowing if tomorrow we'll be together or if you truly are just going to keep playing this hokey pokey dance with me never knowing if your in or out. All I want is to know; just a simple yes or no. Why must it always be so hard?

I'll just wait and keep on playing this game and when I know it truly is something I won't know what it means to wait anymore.

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