I think the lasts and firsts are always the most confusing and presumptuous feeling making events in our lives.

We intend to feel a certain way and don't

We are expected to feel a certain way and can't

We try to feel what we are showing but

... We fall flat

And virtually it all comes down to that one simple human fear that dictates our lives, causes and has caused so much hate, creates disagreements, ends relationships, and stops us from living....

The fear of the unknown. And the fear that what ever might could or will happen will hurt us.
We're so scared on these days of lasts and firsts and we forget to enjoy them.
Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen.... Enjoy these days.

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  1. Oh my goodness. This post resonates with me. I have experienced these three failed feelings. And a fourth for me is, "We try to show what we are feeling, but we can only show an illusion".

    I have been terrified of the unknown. Nowadays, I still get nervous, but now I actually like to embrace the fear and jump headfirst into the dark matter around me. :)

    Enjoy these days... so important...