Survey Says...

I used to love watching game shows: Uh oh, Who wants to be a millionaire?, Lingo, Family Feud, Newlyweds etc.
But really all those people that go onto game shows, does that really effect the rest of their lives as much as they think it will? I believe that people who use oppourtunity without throwing it away could bring about some impact. But what does 8000$ from wheel of fortune get you? Even if you spent it on a collage degree, if you had really wanted to go to collage you would have found a way. Say you got a loan, well really once you paid that back those 8000$ was just in the long line of the hundreds of thousands of dollars you'll spend the rest of your life. And this is no anrachy fight against consummerism and the matieralistic nature of our society. It is just the importance some people put into studying random trivia or reading words from the dictionary just to win those 8000 dollars. Is the time you waste worth it?
And maybe it is depending how much you value your fifteen minutes of fame.
But I guess in the long run if going on a gameshow for one hour makes you happy for even six months then I guess every second is worth it.
Anything that makes you truly happy or excited is never wasted time.

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  1. Well, if it makes you happy! Some people read trashy novels, others dictionaries! I guess the key is not to put all your happiness into the 8 grand!