I think I may have ruined this but i don't see it that way i don't regret what I have done because when I did it i wanted to do it.

And I want to tell him that I like him. So I will, and I will make no excuses for that 3;00 am text message because I really meant it when I said it even if I was drunk. Nothing I have done in this makes me regretful because doing anything differently wouldn't have been true to me. I will not excuse my behavior because I think it might change his mind.

His mind is made or its not. My life will not change drastically in anyway. So here we go. It'll be me telling him everything and him either saying maybe or no and just friends. Or something else. But I'm not going to expect anything because thinking too much on things is just driving me nuts.

So dear MG you're a sweetheart and I really hope that no matter what happens you won't cut me out of your life. I can handle it I promise.

I feel light.

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