My name is Ignoya Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.

Hey so you maybe like said something, and i'm wondering like you know how much that meant?
Do bad asking awkward questions like always bring up so much drama then they are worth. All I want is an answer to that question but the only way i would get it is by being sneaky and manipulative neither of which i'm good at and take too much work. Also would look really bad if he discovered it.
And i'm not ready to take the risk of just asking strait up because too much shit could ensue.
Number one being he'll run and never come back.
no boy wants to set limitations on any relationship before it even ensued
Number two mornings would not be them same, and last afternoon would have never have happened. And our russian accents wouldn't be heard by each others ears for a longtime.
Number three summer is days away and what happens when you go east and I stay west?
Number four If what we already have is what it is, could we do just a fling?
Number five We would lose 6 years.... YEARS there have been marriages that haven't lasted that long.
Those are five great reasons to not even to start to even think about it.
And there is still that one stupid thing he said that sometimes makes me wish those five things didn't exist.
One little question Fuck this world over who knew prom night was this cheesy.

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