Why? Because I'm hopeful

cynical apathetic indifferent blaise uncaring uninterested meh whatever

What do they get us? Those whom go around their lives living with (insert adjective) attitudes. Nothing. Nothing good and nothing bad.

But I do not want middle liners with no passion on either side.

I want the edges
that's where those whom actually live,
that's where they roam
Too many of us are these middle liners we live day to day looking for nothing because we have lost hope that it is out there. That one great love, that one great moment, career, muse, rainbow, inspiration, or chance.
Don't ever stop looking hoping or wishing.
So yes when the clock turns 11:11,
an eyelash needs to be blown away,
a shooting star goes past,
a tunnel approaches
and my birthday cake arrives in my face.
I will wish.
Because it is so much better than not wishing at all.

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