Patterns (old one)

I feel like we've all been following patterns for years, 13 to be exact. After a certain number of years your best friend changes. After a certain amount of time all those boys you were in love with mean little or you're embarassed to admit they even exisited. After a certain number of days you clean out your binders or desk. After a certain amount of hours you go home and have a snack.

Sure everyone's patterns are different but the fact remains that we all have them. With less then a month all those patterns will be non existant and some people have already left their patterns hanging out to dry. These weeks are not normal anymore. There is no normal anymore. There is only lets get as much good and bad of the high school expierences out of these last few weeks.

There has a party every weekend, a break up or make up once a week, a new funny embarassing story almost every day and some weird exclamiations.

One B the stoner annouced to me that he had the hugest crush on me in Kindergarden and thought I should know.

J L a boy a barely ever talk but who is fairly good looking if a bit shy almost asked me to prom. (memo to readers: I'm going with my lovely buff boy JK, we are friends, and I couldn't ask for anything better) JL and I then discussed why people even bother getting dates if you are just going as friends.

Oh well those lazy boys who haven't had to chance to ask anyone are now getting desperate. And if JL who I never have had a serious conversation, whom I never talk to except for small talk drunk or sober is asking me? Either he thinks I'm pretty enough and nice enough that it wouldn't be too awkward.

The patterns are ending. I don't know what I think.

I think I'm happy... and I think I'm excited.

But who the fuck really knows?

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