The To Do list of extremeness.

There is a time in your life when you just don't know what to do for yourself so you just continue to do the same stuff over and over when you know you need to change and gain some determination if you are to achieve anything you want to or have to. This is where I am. I'm scared as soon as I dive in either everything will drown me in its greatness or it'll cause my time to pass much too fast leaving me no time at all. Really I should just dive in and let it envellope me so that I can finish it and then therefore really have time in the end.
So that's how it is at the moment, with my life a little at the high stress level.
In other news my teenager experiences list has not lengthened at all. I wish more then anything to add something to it and there is a drunken bash this weekend to be planned at C's house. I'll go and hopefully get somewhere with his hot and funny friend J. As awful as it sounds I want to get drunk with my friends and have a bit of fun. Now don't confuse this with me wanting to have sex immediatly. No this is wanting to flirt with some cute boys and maybe sneak in a kiss or two.
I want an easy thing, and easy fling.

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