So here it is everyone probably my last sign before I go off...like off off..like off this friken continent off ..like across an ocean off. LIKE OH MY FRIKEN GOD OFF!!!!!!!!! (and yes that comment does deserve nine exclamation points, because nine is supersediously lucky because its three three times and three is awesome because its the trinity and yeah tangent much)

So I can't concentrate I have constant butterflies and I feel like any moment I'll implode. (Not explode). And the world is just acting so normal and i just can't all this just makes want to kiss a really cute boy randomly and dance my pants off and scream and hug the world and just take a chance because this, this which i havce already commited myself to is such a huge chance everything else that I would ever take a chance just seems much less intimidating.

In about 43 hours and 15 minutes (give or take how long it takes me to post this) I will be leaving for my biggest adventure yet. A three month excursion to FRANCE!!!!!!!!! (nine) In this I will spend my time living with one of best friends the wonderful JM in an unknown country!!!!!!!!!




!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

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