Pain chocolatn, putain, hanches, mejilla, PAhhCrrcc (cough)

France , France, Paris, Paris, Bagette, Bagette, Madame, madame......*

*(Let it be known that anything in italics is said with an awesome french ou francais accent)

I'm liking it here, a latte. But I've got four more weeks left but I'm feeling I'm not getting everything I'm suppose to out of this. Em seems amazed by everything and adores the difference, and An sounds like she is practically orgasimic about every single thing and just relishing in it. (Although I doubt I will live to see the day An says orgasmic and God forbid orgasm). I feel myself avoiding joining in conversations and cherishing those I get to have in english. Now this has nothing to do with the people here they have been nothing but open armed since the beginning. But it's just like every five minutes I have to get someone to explain the joke and by then its not funny anymore and I know this sounds depressing but I'm pretty sure I can count the number times I've truly laughed on my two hands. I guess the strait up truth is I'm getting a little homesick and as much as I don't want to leave here and not see these people again for a longtime I'm so so so so excited to go home but I'm scared too.

I'm just so mixed up about how I feel about both places. It's like they're both home and they're both .....well as the french would say à l'étrange which basically sounds like strange but means foreign.

But all in all its great here, I'm sure I've gained ten pounds from all the food. The pasteries, the cheese, the bread, the huge amount of chocolate teenagers here seem to consume.

So all in all my adventure is going as it should, I have to try to talk a little more and get the best out of my time here because who knows when I'm coming back.

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  1. I know how you feel, I lived in France for 2 semesters when I was in college. Sometimes you don't get the jokes! lol

    Are you back yet? If not, hang in there, and try to relish in the experience you're having by just living in the moment! You'll be back before you know it, believe me!

    Time for a new post! Can't wait to read it about your trip!