Has the world changed?

For me? I spent exactly 3 months in an entirely different world and for some reason I believed I would experience some profound change or make some realization. That I would learn something from all this. I guess I just thought I would understand the world better. But really I just learned how little anyone does. Take my one time employer, T, he believes university is an excuse to not grow up, and believes people that take it are just kidding themselves if they believe they understand what the real world is like. Or take my new sister in spirit she still hides behind her shittly done black eyeliner and bangs because she thinks she is ugly. And I used to get so sick of her complaining about how big her nose was I would tell to shut it and that i didn't care. She had this experience too and she still can't get over herself. Or take my french teacher for example who has traveled where I did at least ten times and still has these stupid ideals about the french because she kisses the ground they walk on. No one gets anything from everyone's perspective.

Or finally S whom was bitching to me about our other friends and just couldn't handle the fact that it was partially her fault and that because of her sometimes snobbish attitude people get mad at her. Like what am I suppose to tell her? Quit being herself? I learned a long time a go she doesn't purposefully act like a bitch in her head she is being perfectly nice. But she thinks other people just have to get used to her they can't be mad at her for who she is. Well no one freaking understands her!!!!!!! how can she just expect people too? It was just so stupidly annoying and I know she was getting mad at me for not going on her side and saying its alright to act like a stuck up cow. I understand her so I don't let it bug me but what the fucking hell am I suppose to do?

Plus on top of all that she wants me to fix her problems for her. Yeah fucking right.

The world is just so confusing with no right and wrong answers. I guess that is what i learned everyone just goes about there lives as best they can but no one will ever understand every single person, personality, culture, country or perspective. We just have to learn to stop focusing on the shit that happens and the shit people to and be a little more tolerant.

So new policy tolerance is key, for every single lock or door.

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