The pity date.

pity date: comes from the english word pity meaning guilty feeling due to unfortunate circumstances of another person and date an instance where two people go out to get to know one another and is usually the beginning to a sexual or intimate relationship (See to court). A pity date in a date where one of two personnes agree to the outing due to sentiments of pity towards the other person due to their lack of such outings (reasons can vary).

Now what does one do if they yes to a pity date with0ut really knowing it?

Yes its true this ridiculous teenager who shoud be complaining about how not a single boy is payign any attention especially that cute one in english is complaining about how a boy does like her.

Let me give you the quick anecdote:

There once was this great average girl who chose to do an experience of a lifetime and jetted off to France for three months. Yet just before she left she recieves an invitation to a ball and not just any ball but the prom. Her best guy friend, a one Mr J whom is gratuating this year, has no girlfriend so decides to ask his friend. She of course says yes for it is just an outing with friends and she gets to wear a pretty dress! Returning from her trip a few short weeks later she buys a beautiful dress and is very excited to help her friend out. Until she learns of a night, a night where in a slightly intoxicated state Mr. J tells the world of how he fancies his great friend whom he already has a date with. The girl totally oblivious learns of this through the amazing power of female intuition and friends who can't keep their mouths shut. And now in this world of cellphones and really large piles of homework the girl must deal with an even larger problem keeping Mr. J in the friend zone!!!

So yes I am complaining of having a secret admirer, he is my best guy friend and I have absolutely no want to date him. GREAT!!! What to do What to do????

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