If school= work and work = procrastination then technically school = procrastination

I have three
well kinda more of two things to divulge.
And the first one is that only Robertson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.
MEANING I have about a list this long (holds up arms in a very exaggerated matter where one is very much higher then the other) and I have to get most of it done as soon as possible before any number of the following people kill me or at least hunt me down. Numero uno is my mom. Dos esta my teacher Mr Leidl and the troisieme is a little more figurative but there all the same, my summer, which will kill me slowly, with boredom.
Basically I have not been holding up my at home chores ( death glare from mom), I have this things which the amazing people in Cambridge decided to invent just to make my life sooo much better called
THE INTERNAL ASSESSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(history component)
And finally I have no plans for this summer! And its making me kinda nervous that i will be bored at home well all my friends are off doing fun things.
But all of this I have been putting off like the plague of H1N1 (also known as hiney flu pronounced high - n -E) .
And also my workout plans have fallen apart....how unfortunate.
So my life is a little bit in disarray right now but that is why today on this monumental 26th of May I, a girl, Will get my act together for the good of myself and all of mankind!
Now for the second/ third thing I wanted to divulge. Mr J is trying to get over me. Which I'm glad about because now i don't have to worry about dealing with it. Now as for why is my last dilvulgence. He has found himself a no strings attached make out partner. Which he himself has divulge in a few times already only problem is the girl K likes him. For unfortunately it means a lot more then just a few kisses *cough * three *cough* hour *cough* make out *cough* session*cough* for her and Mr J knows this. So he has told her it is completely physical for him and he doesn't like her. She apparently "understands" and doesn't mind. I think he should stop it like now, but I told him that the first time after it happened but nooooo don't listen to me.
But I guess its good because he told me today he doesn't feel like waiting anymore for the person he likes to like him back (me) so this might help my situation but in the end it might end badly for him when that girl wants to be more then friends with benefits.

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