okay class today let's discuss...

Nothing, because officially I have completed the exact requirements that the modern English speaker would call Grade eleven or for all you cool kids south of here, junior year and even further to you posh people on that little island where your drinking you tea, fifth form. Yes I am successfully completed this second year in high school. Did I get wickedly drunk at some parties, no. Did I make out with some guy in the props room, no. Did a light a joint on the stoner stairs, no. (although the last one I'm proud of). And yet it was a good year maybe not your regular stereotypical high experience would be like but none the less it was a good year. And traveling halfway around the world didn't hurt. The only thing that I'm kinda sad is the guy thing its not a big thing but come on I didn't even really like anyone I was just curiously interested in some guys like C best friend J and Ludovick the french cutie (but he does live a little bit far away..just a bit).

Talking about J, Mr. J (whom is finally dating the girl he was making out with all the time meaning he is over me!! YAY) thinks I just need to get his phone number and I'm starting to realise how shy I am I never thought of myself as super shy but with guys I am and it doesn't help when they are.
But here is the story i went bowling with C and V-atron and J, and I just couldn't get myself to be interesting and flirty with him but i think it's because I was with C and I just have a flirty friendship with him meaning we flirt all the time but nothing would ever happen between us ad they are best friends. So basically I was completely lame and didn't even flirt a little bit. In my defense it was super hot in the bowling alley and i felt all hot and sweaty and gross and not very attractive at all. Meaning, it was a bust.
And Mr.Jay says I i just need to hang out with him and get his number and then text all the time and then the magic or what ever you want to call it will happen or it wont.

So lets hope for magic and that I won't coward out. Oh and that I have the best summer ever because I am sooo happy school is over!

(this is a little shout out to Vahn also known as S. I know my blogs are lame but they work for me. It takes to much time to find some song lyrics that fit my mood when I can just make up my own songs.)

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