I like this idea

Now do not get confused. I do not love it. I never seem to be able to love, but maybe that is because I never get the chance. But as I well know and have the confidence to say that "it's not me it's them". Before I go into detail as to why the physics of love never falls into my favor lets just discuss this small tendril reaching into the world. Now it's fragile and not very sure if it's right. Ready to pull back anytime.

But I do like this idea.

I like the idea that he can't be intimidated. I like the idea that he is not just in it for the skin to skin. I like the idea that there may really be an army of bears about to attack and that the lactose intolerant must be robots because what human being could not like chocolate milk?
What I do not like is how this may be taking root the way it always does. I'm the one texting and I'm the one waiting. I'm never pursued (which denies me my female need for attention).
People say it will change and that one day someone will come.

Why not today?
Why not him?

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