Counting days.

Everywhere I look people are counting. It's not wrong. It involves anticipation and excitement. However in truth it wears a little thin. Like those that look to the past constantly counting down the future holds equally no merit. Think of the words them selves.

Counting. Waiting. Restless. Distracted.

Down. Sad. Low. Depressed. Pessimistic.

I don't want to count anymore. I want today to be the day I've been waiting for. Let today be the winner and when you sleep let the hours of unconscious sleep be the countdown for the next day so when you wake up your at zero. Your at the day of great value and importance. Everyday is special.

Life is much happier that way. Yes somethings that are good may not be happening on this day but that should not deny them significance. The good will come...at some time...soon. Don't wait. Waiting is frustrating. Doing however is entirely good.

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