Tell them please...

The truth is

What I'm honestly trying to get at

To be honest

It is weird and awkward trying to explain these feelings and only those in the same situation with enough confidence can even mention them and have a moment of solidarity with each other.

The truth is

what I'm honestly trying to say

To be completely honest

I am tired and sick of wishing and waiting for love to happen.

Plain and simple I want crushes, I want text messages that make me smile like no others, I just someone whom would show the slightest interest. I haven't even had that in months and nothing real in years. I'm not ugly, I'm not out of shape, I dress nice, I'm smart. What is it that I have to do to get any attention? Do I have to show off my boobs? Do I have to put out? Do I have to play dumb?

What is it about myself that makes me so damn unattractive? and if not unattractive then not worth the trouble? I'm just frustrated and it makes the loneliest I get here sometimes seem worse.

Like What the Fuck Where Are All The Guys?

Yes I try hard and do really well in school does that really throw guys off enough that makes them not like you? Yes I did get a scholarship. I thought in uni guys liked smart girls and they weren't like the stupid ones from high school.


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